biolitec® in Coloproctology

Minimally invasive laser therapy of pilonidal cysts


The SiLaC® method by biolitec®

SiLaC® is a new procedure for the treatment of less pronounced pilonidal cysts. With SiLaC®, the pilonidal cyst is minimally invasively irradiated with laser energy. Minimally invasive, that means that nothing but a smallest intervention is necessary.


The treatment itself only takes a few minutes: A laser probe is inserted into the inflamed fistula tract, and the applied laser energy precisely atrophies the fistula tissue. The surrounding tissue is not affected at all. Potential cuts to relieve the abscess turn out significantly smaller.


Physicians can achieve excellent healing results with SiLaC®. Moreover, healing time is considerably shortened; patients shall merely slacken off for one or two days after the treatment. As the wound surface is comparably tiny, the result is also cosmetically and aesthetically convincing.


In that way, the innovative procedure SiLaC® contributes to a maximum wellbeing of the patient – during treatment as well as afterwards.


Advantages of SiLaC®