biolitec® in Coloproctology

Minimally invasive laser therapy of pilonidal cysts


Advantages of SiLaC®


In comparison to conventional surgery, the minimally invasive therapy SiLaC® offers patients and physicians a multitude of advantages:


·  Removal of the fistula tract via laser irradiation

·  Removal of excess, inflamed tissue as well as remaining hair

·  Minimal wound surface

·  Excellent healing results

·  Maximal patient comfort

·  Outpatient use possible

·  Short treatment time

·  Quick recovery



Situation after laser assisted Pit Picking Method*:









*[Based on „Pit Picking“J. Bascom, Surgery, 1980 May; 87(5):567-72 Pilonidal disease: Origin from follicles of hairs and results of follicle removal as treatment]



In comparison, cosmetically unsatisfying result after conventional surgical transposition flap-technique (25-year-old female patient):